Enhancement Programs

The following ENHANCEMENT PROGRAMS are also integrated to complement the Senior High School curriculum:


The Systems, Applications and Products (SAP) in data processing is the number one business solution in the world and it is integrated in the core and specialized subjects in the ABM Strand. The following are the SAP modules:

1. Inventory and Payroll Management

2. Accounts Receivable and Payable

3. Advanced Manufacturing

4. Business Simulation

Students who are able to complete the first 2 SAP modules can take the TESDA NC II Certification (Microfinance Technology), and students who are able to complete the 4 SAP modules and 18 years old can take the TESDA NC III Certification (Bookkeeping).



The Robotics program is a stand-alone program for Grade School and Junior High School that uses principles in Science and Math. It is integrated with the Empowerment Technology in the STEM strand for Grade 11 and in Anatomy, Physiology, and Pre-Calculus for Grade 12. It allows for real world problem solving practices, various experential challenges and hands-on activities that will help students enhance their analytical and participation skills inside and outside the classroom.


eLearning (Grades 1 to 12)

eLearning consists of course materials in Math, Science, English Grammar;and Social Studies for Grades 1 to 10. For Grades 11 and 12, there are course materials in Science, Math, Calculus, Philosophy and Cultural Studies. The materials are aligned with the standards of the Department of Education, enabling students to sit for national and further opportunities.

The platform provides Filipino students with the knowledge and critical thinking skills that will make them competitive in both domestic and global job markets. 

CELP uses the eLearning platform to enhance students' digital competencies.



The Scholastic Reading Program is implemented from Kindergarten to Grade 11. The program is geared towards helping students build English literacy skills using activity-based learning in a flexible and world-class environment. This program aims to assist students with reading difficulty and to address gaps in order to meet the standards required for their level. The program also builds on the essential skills for reading which are: Phonemic, Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, Comprehension and Writing.



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